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Skagen offers unique experiences all year round.

Here you will find, a fascinating nature, authentic danish and scandinavian culture, exciting events and much more,

In the pedestrian precinct you’ll find an exciting choice of specialist shops, whilst at the harbour the red warehouses are fitted out as fishmongers’ and restaurants.

Welcome to Skagen – the northenmost point in Denmark!

Nature and seaside life

65 km long, white, sandy beaches backed by dunes, tempt visitors to engage in all the activities that go with seaside life. There may be big waves and powerful currents along the beaches of the ”Skagerrak” to the west. But the ”Kattegat” beaches to the east are milder and more child-friendly.

The “Blue flag” beaches are kept completely free from rubbish, and there are toilets, emergency telephones, first-aid boxes, and life-saving equipment.

Art and history

Skagen’s own art is world famous and richly depicts the history of the town. Some of Denmark’s most well known and prized artists made their mark on Skagen and its development as a holiday venue.

The artists were attracted by the wonderful light, the scenery, and the harsh conditions that the residents of the fishing villages lived under. By the end of the 19th century there was an artists’ colony proper here, populated by artists from all over Europe.

Many of their works can be seen at ”Skagen’s Museum” and show what the town, the countryside, and the residents, especially the fishermen, looked like in the past.

Visitors can gain a living impression of art and life in contemporary Skagen at two authentic artists’ homes: ”Drachmann’s House”, the home of poet and marine painter Holger Drachmann, and the home of the married couple ”Anna and Michael Ancher’s House”.

Skagen Habour

Visitors can take Skagen’s pulse at the harbour – the town’s life nerve − which has been a centre of activity ever since it was inaugurated in 1907.

Today, it is the leading harbour in Denmark, a busy place that tourists find exciting and have always shown a great deal of interest in – for many reasons.

A little fleet of fishing boats brings fresh fish to auction every day. Fresh fish can be bought at the 100 year-old fish warehouses and there are many restaurants that offer delicious fish dishes.

The fish auction is well worth a visit early in the morning. Visitors are welcome, but must remember not to get in the way.

This is also where the thousands of summer yachtsmen and women congregate and add to the pleasant yet intense atmosphere.

Several cruisers dock at the harbour every year and ”Grenen” is passed by more than 100,000 ships annually.

Denmark's fashionable, famous holiday venue.

Skagen offers magnificent, dramatic scenery embellished by the sea, sand, wind, and bewitching light.

This wonderful light is created by reflections from the sea surrounding Skagen and from the many miles of long, white sandy beaches.

Welcome to Skagen


The Skagen region offers a full range of overnight accommodation to choose from – hotels, hotel apartments, inns, hostels, bed & breakfast establishments and holiday homes.

You can stay in the town or in the middle of the unique countryside on Skagen’s headland.

The 23 hotels and hundreds of holiday homes offer a full range of facilities, from basic accommodation to sumptuous luxury.

List of all Accommodation in Skagen


Shopping is an important aspect of a holiday for a lot of people.

Firstly, you’ve more time on your hands than when you’re at work. You’re more likely to want to treat yourself or your loved ones to new clothes, a piece of jewellery, a good book or something special for dinner.

There may also be people at home for whom you wish to buy a gift.

In relation to it's size, Skagen have a good number of shops – and the choice in terms of range and quality may also come as a pleasant surprise.